Math Help

To assist Verizon associates coming into the Next Step Program (NSP), the Mathematics Curriculum Group has identified several options to help students prepare for the NSP Technical Mathematics 1 course.  These options include web sites, books, and intuitive software (ALEKS) intended to enhance mathematical skills.

NSP candidates who pass the entrance ASSET exam with a low score or candidates who are uncomfortable with their mathematics skills are urged to take one or more of the following actions:

  1. attend summer class(es) in Algebra 1 and Algebra 2
  2. arrange for tutorial assistance such as a prep course using ALEKS, (Prep for Beginning Algebra, $30 for six week access)
  3. practice to improve your mathematics skills at one or more of the following web sites:
  4. purchase and work through one or more of the following books in elementary algebra:
    1. Schaum’s Outline of Elementary Algebra (ISBN #0071611630)
    2. Bob Miller’s Algebra for the Clueless (ISBN #0071473661)


 (NCTT) National Center for Telecommunications Technology

Visit Gordon Snyder's  Blog & PodCasts
for the most up to date information about  the Telecommunications Industry Teaching Online

Faculty Websites
Warriors of the net Telecommunications Movie for telcom faculty
Copyright Issues for Using Internet
Barrons Article"The Battle for your Living room" 
Soft Skills self-test

Three students from Suffolk Community College have volunteered to serve as mentors to new students. Their email contact addresses are as follows if you are interested:
Tom Friederick,
Anne Croone,
Bill Torres,

Links to Assist Students in their Courses
from Don Wade, Professor  at NCCC:

Just to let you know about the web site I have which has commented listings of web resources for students to use. The best link is through my general page which lists the various specific pages available:
The specific pages (among others):
Telcom subjects:
General Information ... Semiconductor Manufacturers ... Networking ...
Projects, Kits, Parts, etc ... Parts Retailers ... Dictionaries and
References ... Tutorials... ASCII info ..

PC repair and web site construction:
General Information ... HTML info ... HTML tools ... Networking ...
Certification tutorials ... Diagnostic Programs

General Information .... Tutorials .... Semiconductor Manufacturers ....
Dictionaries and References ... Projects, Kits, etc. .... Parts Retailers

Assembly Language and other Programming Information Resources:

Physics -

Here are a few articles from Don Wade in today's news about 
Verizon rolling out more fiber service to Long Island:,0,2611002.story
and one about Cablevision offering phone service:

And, while we're at it, one about Verizon fiber service to NJ: